Project Overview

Human Resource development solution is self-directed career software which allows individuals to follow a proven career development process. The program enables candidates to learn about themselves and their capabilities, foresee emerging growth opportunities, connect with professional trainers, measure their skills, review job competencies, and ensure long-term goals. This career development platform intends to empower every individual uncertain of their potential. Candidates can gain access to a plethora of career development tools that will help them to build their career brick by brick.

Career Modules

The different career modules inside the software allow users to chart their efficiency and evaluate skill gaps. Simply put, it is a stout solution for candidates who are willing to take their abilities and knowledge to the next level. This career enhancement tool allows users to create clear strategies to develop themselves. And, with some guidance from professional mentors users can set themselves apart from their competitors.

Talent Guide

Talent Guide helps candidates to select a distinct career path. You start off by telling the application a little about yourself, your work history, and career aspirations. Talent Guide Module articulates the information and generates right career paths focused on growth and productivity. Candidates will have immediate visibility on their capabilities, allowing them to leverage their competency to find greater career match. Put Simply; Talent Guide enables candidates to recognize their strengths, composed of work background, certificates, educational background, experience, and performance ratings, and identify the roles they are ready to fill.

Career Guide

Career guide offers a systematic approach to career development while empowering individuals to configure multiple career paths, evaluate skills, and review job competencies. With our career guide, employees can easily chart their career growth and become agile for different roles. The functions in this application work in conjunction with trained mentors, and with some personal push, candidates can easily map out effective methods to define their career path. Xtend Career enables career conversions without relying on managers; our solution offers different resources to improve career internally.

Goal Setting

Goal setting is a technique used by successful people across multiple fields. Defining clear and concise goals enables you to track your progress, and create a sharp vision of your career path. You will see right movement in what might, otherwise, feel like an endless grind. Xtend Career’s Goal Setting Module allows you to do all that or even more. This application helps the user to create defined goals, and measures to achieve it. With our application’s incredible interface and capabilities, setting up your goals will be a piece of cake.

Review Guide

Review Guide helps you to measure the goals you have achieved in a particular period. It assists you to initialize self-assessment sessions, and detect the factors preventing you from attaining your goals. This module is also beneficial to keep track of your progress.

Competency Model

Competency Model evaluates a list of skills to realize whether the user is eligible enough for successful job performance. Competency models are used across multiple industries for the recruitment process. Now, this handy tool is available for individuals with our Xtend Carrer Application. It allows candidates to measure their competency for different jobs. Candidates can recognize their strength and weaknesses, and map out robust strategies to keep themselves ahead of the competition. Competency analysis also helps the candidates to find right training programs and learning contents to increase their efficiency for a particular role.

Performance Guide

Performance evaluation is the foundation to build strong career paths. By realizing this fact, we have included a handy module to allow candidates measure their performance. Performance Guide module arms trainees with better career insights and generates roadmaps to pursue career goals. It enables candidates to recognize their strength and weaknesses, while creating practical solutions to make them competent in the market. This transparency clears all the dilemmas related to performance and provides the users a platform to season themselves with required skills. The module also puts forth the improvement factors with highest priorities.


Trainer Module aids the candidate to connect with the right mentor whenever a career gap is identified. The primary focus of Trainer module is education. The trainer implements different methods to help the candidate improve job performance, achieve new skills, and attain career goals. Trainer Module also comprises of a comment section which allows the candidate to review the performance of the trainer. If the services provided by the instructor are unsatisfactory, then candidates can switch to a different trainer.

360 Feedback

In a company, managerial level employees review the performance of other employees. But, our 360 Feedback module is designed to breach the traditional barriers of performance evaluation. Our software allows both employee level and managerial level employees to review each other’s performance. The feedbacks help every personnel inside an organization improve their work, which in turn, enhances the working environment of an organization and eliminates communication gaps.

Multi Location

Unlike other human development solutions, Xtend Career Solution can be operated from multiple locations. Being a cloud based solution; users can easily access Career application from mobile devices. Organizations can use this application from different branches to access a particular account. Our application is user-friendly, flexible, and cost-effective. Besides, we don’t compel you to buy special software for different branches. A single purchase will do! Meaning, our software is accessible to the entire company, and we don’t restrict it to branches.

Cloud Based

Access your account from anywhere, anytime. Xtend Career is a cloud-based application. All the data provided by the user is automatically saved in a cloud network, allowing the users to access the information from anywhere and anytime.