Project Modules

Human Development Software includes many useful modules for career enhancement. Our tools will help candidates to become aware of their interest, values, strengths, and weaknesses, while they obtain valuable information about job opportunities. In simple terms, our software will help individuals to establish action plans to achieve long-term goals. The modules included in our software are listed below.


Self-Assessment Tool aids candidates to understand their skills, knowledge, social role, self-image, weaknesses, traits and motives. Before pursuing any opportunities, candidates should understand their capabilities. Otherwise, their ability might be undermined. Human Development Software’s Self-Assessment Module allows candidates to analyze their competency and configure a secured career path to ensure growth.

Reality Check

By looking at the report collected from self-assessment module, the software will guide candidates to grab the right opportunities in the market. This module will highlight suitable job titles and tips on how to improve their skills and knowledge.

Goal Settings

This module helps the candidates to define short and long-term career objectives. By consulting with the trainers, employees can create a roadmap for a better future. Trainers will provide concise guidelines on goal settings and provide career enhancement tips to the candidates through this platform.

Action Planning

Whenever the user determines a goal, the Action Planning module will be used to define the ideas to achieve the goals.


This section allows the user to create reports based on their growth, software efficiency, and the performance of the coach. In short, this tool enables the user to create accurate reports about their performance appraisal and software performance. This feature is essential if the users wish to evaluate their performance frequently. Besides that, trainers and candidates can use this feature to comment about each other.